Tuesday, February 26, 2013

How Shower Curtain Bling was invented

FUN FACT: Shower Curtain Bling was invented with a "splash." I'm the kind of person who is constantly thinking of new ideas and designs. Whenever I get a free moment, my mind takes me away to imagine all the possible things left to create. As you may expect, any quiet moment I get is filled in thought. One such moment -- I'm not embarrassed to say now, since it gave birth to Shower Curtain Bling -- happened on the "privy" (classy way of saying toilet).

I was trying to decide what I could do with a few beaded fringe strands I had remaining from a lamp I had just finished designing. I brought the strands with me on my visit to see "Lou" and just as I lifted his lid, a twinkle struck my eye. I was suddenly taken aback by how much the florescent light glistened off of the breaded fringe. I held the beads up higher, until the background came into focus and I noticed how good they looked set against my shower curtain.

When inspiration strikes, you just have to go with it, so I stood on the side of my tub to see how I could attach them. But my clumsy nature won out again, as I lost my balance and started careening towards the floor. I grabbed onto my shower curtain for support, but it quickly gave way as unforgiving gravity sent me and the shower curtain heading straight down. I pushed my foot out to brace the fall, but the toilet seat was already opened, so all five of my piggies went for a swim.

My husband walked in after hearing the commotion, only to discover me standing there holding a curtain rod in one hand while my right leg rested ankle-deep in the toilet-bowl.

"I'm not sure you're doing that right," is all he said to me.

One broken shower curtain rod and a damp foot later, and Shower Curtain Bling was born.

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