Wednesday, July 8, 2009


This amazingly detailed drawing is from Laura at DraconianRain. She is new to Etsy, but this is my very favorite of her drawings.

* Name of Business : Draconian Rain
* Link to my shop: (will be a short while till I add some items, this is where I will sell my graphic novels)
* About you:
I am an Australian artist with a great interest in Japanese manga and pop art. I spend what ever spare time I have on my art and working on my graphic novels. I am now teaching others to draw manga. In some countries this may not be much but for Australia it is for those wanting to learn. There aren’t as many resources here and it is hard to learn much about it, which is why I offer lessons. I have taught people of all kinds of ages and some are better than me now which makes me really happy to know that I helped them to get where they are today.
* My craft or talent:
Drawing or just about anything art related.
* How I do my craft:
I make my art in various ways. So far I am working on my digital art and airbrushing skills. I am best at pencil/graphite drawings and giving them soft textures which is particularly effective when drawing children and babies. I love working in charcoal and making detailed work with them and when I use it I tend to use hard charcoal to get the most detail possible. I always listen to music when I draw or have a specific song playing over and over that relates to my art. I prefer to work in large areas. Usually on the floor or under a tree.
* What lead me to my craft:
I have been drawing ever since I could hold a pencil so I guess you could say that I was born with it. I am only 20 now and still haven’t stopped drawing and I doubt I ever will.
* My other interests or hobbies:
Manga, Anime, Ice skating, giving gift art and doing art trades, teaching others to draw and writing
* My other links, blogs, websites: (on this site you can watch how I made my work as a flash)

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