Thursday, July 30, 2009

Etsy Artist: Beaded Art Jewelry

Susan from Beaded Art Jewelry, goes beyond conventional jewelry crafting with her stunningly detailed beaded art pieces. Her rich choice of color and intricate design remind me of a royal Egyptian or Indian headdress. I would love to have one of her bangles!

Name of business: Beaded Art Jewelry by Susan A. Pierle
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About You: I have been beading for over 15 years and have loved every minute of it.
I am mostly self taught from wonderful books and magazines for learning technique and inspiration.
I have taken classes in drawing, watercolor painting, silkscreen, etching, photography,
basket weaving, and glass fusing.
I grew up on the Gulf Coast of Florida and spent all my time on the beaches there painting sunsets and collecting shells to make jewelry and wind chimes.
I moved to Tennesse where I met my husband of 31 years and lived in the Smokey Mountains.
That was an inspiring place to be, I met some amazing young artist selling thier work and I knew I had to do the same someday.
We moved to Wyoming, another inspiring place, the mountains and landscape, I had to draw and paint it.
We came to Colorado Springs in 1984 and have been here ever since. This is where I started beading and selling my work. Every thing I had learned along the way came together and I found what I wanted to do.
My craft or talent: Creating wearable art jewelry with seed beads, fused glass, crystals and natural stones.
How I do my craft: When I make a one of a kind piece it starts with a focal piece of glass, one I might of made or a vintage button, a crystal, or a stone.
It is glued down and I start searching my seed beads for all the colors coming out of it. Then I just start beading and we'll see what happens.
I do have a sketchbook and draw my designs too.
I love to do bead embroidery the most, but there are so many wonderful bead weaves to learn and create with, so I am always being pulled in different directions. It's never boring.
What lead me to my craft: The desire to sell what I love to do.
My other interst or hobbies: Photographing flowers, camping and hiking, music festivals and having fun with good friends.

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