Thursday, June 11, 2009


A short interview with BBusbyarts................................
I can't say enough about this talented artist!!! You MUST visit her Etsy shop.

* Name of Business : BBusbyarts
* About me:
I believe that art is a vital part of what it is to be a human being.
Extensive teaching experience has shown me how important learning basic drawing skills and art appreciation is even to the youngest children.
My entire life has been spent making things, I received my fine arts degree from the Rhode Island School of Design and was lucky enough to make it my career during my 18 years running my ceramic tile manufacturing company.
To me, each piece is about communication. I want to express an idea, emotion, or tell a story. I judge the success of each by the effectiveness with which they communicate their message.
Much of my work is technique driven, I enjoy discovering new abilities to construct an image in different ways. I never set out to make something "pretty", the appearance of each project is determined by the idea behind it. Creating my own raw materials is also important, I have been dyeing my own fabric since I began quilting over 30 years ago, and I am familiar with fabric construction form the raw fiber on up.
*My craft or talent:
I have been making quilts since the 1970's.
I lived in Venice, California, and began dyeing old curtains and picking clothes out of trash cans to sew.
* How I do my craft:
I like to work in every aspect of my art. I begin with dyeing or painting material to suit the original designs I have in mind.
Many construction techniques are used, and a wide variety of materials, from the usual cottons to silk, metallic, and non wovens.
* What lead me to my craft:
I have sewn since I was a child. While majoring in ceramics in college, I also took fiber design classes. It was a great alternative to ceramics- light, colorful, and non dusty!
* My other interests or hobbies:
We have dogs, chickens and fish......
I love to take the dogs for walks in the mountains to enjoy the high desert scenery we have here.
*Favorite links or sites:
The APOD website is one I check every day, it is a NASA site that posts a new picture of the skies every day.
I have also become addicted to the Nikon and Olymput microphotography sites, there are amazing things we can't see with the naked eye!
*Betty Busby
Albuquerque New Mexico


  1. Great feature! I love what Betty says and truly agree "I believe that art is a vital part of what it is to be a human being".

  2. GREAT FEATURE!!! thanks for turning me onto another great etsian :D