Friday, May 1, 2009


A short interview with Dirtvictim.................................

This artist's personality is quite as interesting as his creations.

* Name of Business : Dirtvictim Enterprises

* My craft or talent: Entrepreneur, Life long. Handcrafted knives, swords, Pool cues, T shirts and Biking gear.

*Link to your business:

* About me : Self made quadrillionaire! and comedian.

* Name: David L. Schreiber

* Location: Las Vegas, NV

* Profession: Business Owner, Dirtvictim

* Family: Single, just siblings.

* Give us a description of how you do your craft: Well right now I am designing my website , working on a couple of new projects I am patenting and creating new t shirts.

* What lead you to your specific craft: Mainly my interest in mountain biking and web design.

* What are your other interests or hobbies: Martial arts, knife making computer tech.

* My favorites: Books: Tom Robbins , Movies: ActionWeb sites, Other: Biking sites, Music: Rock, Modern, Hard core metal, it is the best for serious trail riding.

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