Friday, June 26, 2009


StudioHaus Is pretty new to Etsy, but her vivacious photos speak volumes!

* Name of Business: StudioHaus
* Link to my shop:
* About you: From a very young age, I have been in love with arts and crafts. I use to spend summers with my grandparents: my Grannie would teach me how to crochet and do creative projects while my Papa would take me in his wood shop and help me make things. Those are some of my fondest childhood memories. I think this is why I feel happiest when I am creating or doing something artist.
* My craft or talent: My main passion is photography. I love knowing that I’m capturing a moment that will never be the exactly that same way ever again and getting to share that with other people makes my day.
* How I do my craft: Outdoors and nature inspire almost all of my photography. Often some of my best pictures come from little mini adventures with my husband throughout the Midwest. I also do a lot of fireworks and life photography.
* What lead me to my craft: I’ve always loved the arts and began working in a photo studio several years ago but soon realized that my passion was more in capturing things in nature.
* My other interests or hobbies: I love going out to coffee shops and hanging out with friends. I also enjoy making envelopes and cards just for fun.
* My other links, blogs, websites:

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