Friday, June 26, 2009


I am in awe, just viewing this artists site. Some day maybe, I can own one if his paintings!!!

* Name of Business: Mattsart Fine Art Paintings - The Art of Matthew Hamblen
* Link to my shop:
* About you: I love painting more than breathing. I'm self-taught and have been at it for more than a decade now. I'm very happy that my work touches so many people.
* My craft or talent: Painting
* How I do my craft: Painting (funny Matt!)
* What lead me to my craft: Instinct - being an artist is in my blood, and it found me and owned me before I even knew what happened!
* My other interests or hobbies: TV, friends, the usual.
* My other links, blogs, websites: I may have the website actually functional with more than just a directory soon. I'm not sure yet if I'll develop it, or just keep plugging away on Etsy (which is fun too!)
*Be sure to tell us about you, your location, history, interesting facts:
I'm in beautiful North Carolina in the Piedmont. Right in the middle of the state so I can visit the mountains or the ocean without going too far.
I love it here - one way I spend time is just driving around in the hills here. It's like driving around in a landscape painting it's all so beautiful. I can just get lost down here all day, and love every minute of it!

Then I come home and try to put those adventures on canvas for you!

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  1. Matt, your work excites the eye and invigorates the senses!!!