Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I love interviewing artists such as Natasha from LuxArt, she is an extraordinary person with a very interesting history. Natasha uses a very unique process to create her amazing photos with a tool that she invented to create her process.

* Name of Business: Lux Art
* Link to my shop:
* About you: I began art studies at a young age, and have been experimenting with art processes and media ever since. My artistic endeavors continued throughout my university years while I obtained an Associate’s Degree in Photography, a Bachelor’s Degree in Art, and a Master’s Degree in Education with Art Credential. Spending summers in Portland, Oregon and winters in Bend, Oregon, I live with my husband, Tony, and our dog, Syan. I own and operate Lux Art LLC and teach photography at Central Oregon Community College. I am a member of the renowned dance troupe Sahara’s Dream. I enjoy traveling and living abroad. Having spent extensive time in Asia and South America, I have been influenced by the archaic in the jungles of Brazil and by the avant-garde in the jungles of Tokyo.
* My craft or talent: I create light paintings.
* How I do my craft: Working in complete darkness, I create using beams of light with a tool I invented. By manipulating the color and the intensity of the light onto light sensitive paper, I literally paint with light. After photo-chemical processing, the painting is revealed. All pieces produced are unique works. (No camera or computer is used in the making of this art.)
* What lead me to my craft: During the time I was pursuing my photography based art degree I witnessed meteoric changes within the photographic world. While the once commanding darkroom was being replaced by the newest computer lab, prosperous photography businesses were closing their doors forever. I both embraced and questioned the digital world photography was being assimilated into. I delved further into the basic concepts of photography; where it came from, what it meant, and where it was going. Pondering the root words photo meaning light and graph meaning to write, I began exploring the concept of literally writing with light. I developed various methods of painting using light on photosensitive paper, and designed a tool for this purpose. A US patent is pending for both the tool and process by which I create.
* My other website:

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