Thursday, June 25, 2009


This is a very special artist, he is my younger brother. Don't be alarmed, I might be older, but I really love rock and alternative music. My favorite song of his is called "Problem". It just makes me laugh! Daryl is really a very talented pencil artist as well.

* Name of Business : Blue Far Down
* Link to your business:
* About you: My name is Daryl Schreiber. I am from the Chicago land area and I am the lead vocalist and writer for Blue Far Down.
* My craft or talent: I am a vocalist / lead singer for the band Blue Far Down and I have been into music since I was just a boy. I can remember singing along to some of the rock songs my brother listened to.
* What lead me to my craft: The feeling that I have every time I sing. It's an almost indescribable feeling of joy.
* My other interests or hobbies: I like to paint and draw as well as write my own songs.
* My other links, blogs or web-sites: You can check out Blue Far Down at myspace and Facebook
* My favorite Books, Movies,websites: Grandmas boy, Web sites, , and

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